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Huggiekitty Cuddly Cat Toy, Soothing Sound & Warmth Help Relax & Comfort Your Pet- Purr & Heartbeat, Heating Pack- Grey

Huggiekitty Cuddly Cat Toy, Soothing Sound & Warmth Help Relax & Comfort Your Pet- Purr & Heartbeat, Heating Pack- Grey

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  • SOOTHING CAT PURR & PULSING HEARTBEAT- Add the life-like heartbeat and purring device to the hook & loop bottom pouch of the plush kitten and begin watching your pet relax! The device replicates purring & heartbeat sounds to gently comfort your furry friend. The sound device requires 2 AAA which are NOT included.
  • REUSABLE HEAT PACK – The non- toxic heat is all natural and simple to use with no electricity. Just heat in the microwave and add the heat pack in the bottom hook and loop pouch. Once inserted it will bring on a warm feeling that makes the cuddling feel oh-so real! Your cat, young or old will feel the love this plush has to offer.
  • HOW TO USE HUGGIEKITTY COMPANION- Gradually introduce the HuggieKitty companion to your pet. It may take some time for your pet to bond with HuggieKitty. If at any time you find your pet chewing on the HuggieKitty, immediately remove it from them for a few hours and place it in a location they cannot access. Once your pet has settled down you can slowly re-introduce them to HuggieKitty again. The Cat toy helps provide a sense of comfort & calmness.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE– HuggieKitty is not only the perfect calming toy for your pet, but it is also conveniently machine washable with the sound device and heating pack removed. That means your pet can love the HuggieKitty as much as they want, and it can always be easily cleaned.
  • PETS KNOW BEST- HuggieKitty is sure to catch your pet's attention with the warmth and comfort it provides and become their favorite toy in no time! They will love cuddling, sleeping, and loving this plush toy. INCLUDES 1 Grey HuggieKitty, 1 reusable heat pack, 1 Purring & life-like heartbeat device

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