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Pet Grooming Gloves - Patented #1 Ranked, Award Winning Shedding, Bathing, & Hair Remover Gloves - Gentle Brush for Cats, Dogs, and Horses

Pet Grooming Gloves - Patented #1 Ranked, Award Winning Shedding, Bathing, & Hair Remover Gloves - Gentle Brush for Cats, Dogs, and Horses

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  • Works on Dogs, Cats, Horses, and More - Whether you're dealing with hair removal, bathing, or massaging these gloves are flexible enough for all your pet care needs. Gentle bristles allow for an effective grooming experience without causing uncomfortable friction. No hair type is a challenge for these grooming gloves, easily handling short, medium, long, and coarse fur with equal efficiency
  • The Original Patented Pet Grooming Glove - Groom your pet in comfort with our lightweight gloves, designed with rubber nodules for soothing massages mimicking the gentle touch of flexible bristles. Built to suit all pet personalities & tough enough to withstand baths, playful nibbles, and lots of love!
  • More than Just a Hair Remover - The scrubbing nodules work to stimulate circulation and distribute natural oils, promoting a healthy skin and coat for your pet! The dual purpose of the gloves allows you to keep your hands dry, clean, and protected while providing your pet with a professional grooming experience
  • Durable & Easy to Clean - Built to last, these grooming gloves are highly durable, ensuring they withstand heavy grooming and bathing conditions with ease. Simply rub your gloved hands together and the pet hair falls right off. When finished grooming, rinse the gloves off with water and air dry or throw them in the washing machine for quick and easy wash
  • Paws Down, Pets Love It - Our customers find that the grooming gloves are a great tool for scrubbing clean during washing, but also great for de-shedding and waterless massaging with the non-abrasive flexible nodules on the fingers and palms. So many of our small and large furry friends get excited to see the gloves for the one-on-one time as a special treat

Product Description

  1. Pet Friendly Feel

    The flexible nodules on the glove are non abrasive yet durable, perfect to de-shed and massage!

  2. Adjustable Strap

    Hook & loop fastener helps secure the glove for a snug fit. Refer to our Sizing guide for best fit.

  3. Patented Design

    Meant to handle all kinds of furry friends - from playful biters to sensitive cuddlers

  4. Pet Approved

    You & your pets will appreciate how easy it is to deshed, scrub & massage with our thoughtful design

  5. Flexible Fabric

    Strong Nylon stretch fabric allows the perfect fit and durable to last through many pets & baths!

1 Textured Grips 2 Secure Fit 3 Durable Construction 4 Comfortable 5 Flexible Fabric
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