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'Surface' Premium Grip Performance Dog Shoes, X-Large, Purple

'Surface' Premium Grip Performance Dog Shoes, X-Large, Purple

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  • Breathable Mesh for Paw Ventilation and Breathability
  • Reinforced Stitching along the rim for Durability. Reflective Adjustable Strap and Printing for Night Safety
  • Rubberized Micro-grips on the sole for Premium Traction for the Rugged Outdoors
  • Exterior fabric is Durable, Flexible, Breathable and Water-Resistant that can handle any terrain
  • Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors

From the manufacturer

About Us

Dog Helios was first introduced in 2007 with a concept of developing and creating a collection of human-grade performance-wear for Dogs. The Dog Helios brand started out as a byproduct of the Touchdog brand that had originated in the - then Western influenced areas of Southern Asia, by a talented designer by the name of Leo. In 2009 Dog Helios had formed a partnership with Pet Life presently one of the North American-based manufacturers of fashion and designer pet products; together they've formed a coalition to include the most talented former designers for the performance and outerwear staple brands sold in North America. Our collections range from Full Body Dog Jackets to Leashes to Dog Yoga wear we ensure proper performance and user ability. Every item we manufacture utilizes the latest most technologically advanced fabrics, trims and textiles that are meant to perform.

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