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The Benefits of Adopting a Rescue Pet

Whether snuggles or playtime, anyone who’s adopted a pet can attest to the many benefits of rescue. 

Though we celebrate rescue dogs all year round, October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month which makes it a perfect time to highlight what makes adoption so meaningful.

Saving a Life

The most compelling reason to adopt is undoubtedly the impact you'll have. Shelters overflow with wonderful dogs, cats, rabbits, and other companions who've been abandoned, lost, or surrendered. Many face uncertain futures. By adopting, you provide a loving and stable home where they can blossom. Shelters often struggle with overcrowding, and every adoption frees up space for another animal to be rescued. In some cases, adoption can literally be the difference between life and death.

Want to get a pet? Consider adopting responsibly

If you’re considering adopting a pet now, think about your lifestyle once the coronavirus restrictions have been lifted. Pet adoptions have been soaring worldwide over the past months, but this trend might also lead to surrenders, given owners’ lifestyle or economic hardships. 

Behaviour issues may be another reason why owners send their pets back to shelters. Some dogs can develop separation anxiety if owners experience a sudden change in lifestyle - for instance, returning to their workplace. There are several ways to reduce the risk of your dog developing separation anxiety: 

  • Keep a consistent, predictable routine and spend some time apart
  • Use training & enrichment activities
  • Stay active
  • Keep an eye on their anxiety and adapt your approach
  • Ask for advice and help

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Finding the Right Shelter and Adopting the Perfect Pet

A reputable rescue center plays a crucial role in preparing newly adopted dogs or cats for their forever homes. They carefully address any behavioral issues, match pets with suitable families through detailed questioning and home visits, and may even assist with training. Post-adoption, they continue to monitor the pet’s well-being to ensure they thrive in their new environment. For recommendations, consult your veterinarian or local animal charities.

Choosing the Right Pet for Your Family

Pets of all ages and sizes available for adoption have much to offer. To foster a strong bond, select a pet that matches your family's needs in terms of age and breed.

Age Considerations

Whether considering a kitten or a puppy, remember that young pets have specific nutritional requirements. Puppies require socialization, early training, and more time and attention. They also need frequent veterinary care, although rescue pets typically come vaccinated and possibly house-trained. Older cats and dogs can also be wonderful companions.

Breed Considerations

Understanding a pet’s breed helps determine their activity level, potential health issues, behavioral traits, nutritional needs, and adult size. Mixed-breed dogs often make excellent companions.

Choosing adoption not only enriches your life with endless love but also saves lives.

Finding Your Perfect Match? Resources to Guide Your Journey

Ready to begin your adoption journey? Here are some resources to help you find your furry (or feathered, or scaly) soulmate:

  • Research Local Shelters and Rescues: Look for organizations with a good reputation and that align with your values.
  • Browse Adoptable Pets Online: Most shelters have websites showcasing available pets with descriptions and pictures.
  • Consider All Ages and Breeds: Don't limit yourself! You might be surprised by the perfect match waiting for you.

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