Our Story

The Tale-Wagging Tale Behind Shaggy Chic
Welcome to ShaggyChic, where the tales of the Canine Collective come alive. We're not just any gallery of dog portraits. We are a curated collection of stories, dreams, and adventures - a visual testament to the grandeur of every pup's spirit. Each portrait captures the essence, the individual tale, and the regal bearing of its muse. From Yettie's intellectual pursuits in Yorkville to Benny's legendary dance moves in Boston, our portraits showcase more than just the external beauty of our canine members; they showcase their soul. Dive into our collection, and you'll discover the spirit of each member masterfully brought to life.
"Crafted in Yettie's townhouse, ShaggyChic is a legacy of elegance and regality. Celebrate your dog's panache with us. © 2023. All Rights Reserved."