Our Story

If you've ever wondered how the most glamorous gang of pets came together to form ShaggyChic, you're in for a tail-wagging tale!

It all began in the posh living room of Yettie's townhouse. Picture it: walls adorned with literary classics, an atmosphere resonating with learned barks, and an ambiance that made every pets feel like royalty.

Our group sipped on cool water bowls this evening and discussed the latest pet couture.

Benny, always the trendsetter with his '70s flair, asked, "Why, oh why, are our fabulous visages not gracing the homes of every hooman? We must make this right!"

Buford, with his impeccable business sniffer, jumped on board. "You're onto something, Benny! We need to share our style with the world."

Twirling her glamorous necklace, Belinda chimed in, "We're the epitome of ShaggyChic. Why not show the world what that truly means?"

The idea was set, and Cooper swiftly suggested launching our domain, and what better than ShaggyChic.com? A site that would exemplify elegance, regality, and a dash of pet mischief.

With her innate royal charisma, Catherine spearheaded partnerships with the finest photographers and framers in the business. And Horace, our design maven, ensured our brand oozed sophistication.

With Leonra's sapphire-adorned elegance and Peter's impeccable PR skills, our venture became the talk of every pets park in no time. Phillip's penchant for luxury made every portrait session feel like an event at Buckingham Palace!

Donny and Reid, the street-smart duo, were our ambassadors, their jackets turning heads and ensuring every pooch heard of ShaggyChic.

Sammy's wintery style attracted a flurry of furry customers, and Hota's melodious voice became the background score of our studio.

Our minimalist muse, Winnie, whispered, "Elegance is simplicity," we embraced it, ensuring our portraits were accessible to every pup, from the shaggiest to the chicest.

Thus, ShaggyChic was born - a brand that celebrates every pet's panache, capturing it for eternity. Founded by a diverse pack with a shared love for fashion, we promise a piece of luxury that's nothing short of pawfection.

So, dear Hooman, browse our gallery on ShaggyChic.com The Chic pet Collective at ShaggyChic

 "Where Every pet's Inner Chic Shines Through!