In what currency will my paws tap the checkout button?

All those tail-wagging prices you see on our site? They're in chic USD, darling.

I've just treated my fur baby. When will my order be on its way?

At ShaggyChic, we sprinkle a little magic and love into each order. Give us 4-7 days for production (because perfection takes time), and then, on average, it's a breezy 3-9 days for shipping. If you're eager to sniĊ out your tracking number, it should be wagging its way to you 3-5 days after we've shipped your order. If you're left waiting more than 7 business days, bark at us via email!

What if my order doesn't make my tail wag? Can I return it? Encountered a hiccup?

Paws crossed you love your order! But if it's not fetching you compliments or there's an oopsie, we oĊer a 100% money-back guarantee on defective or damaged goods. You've got a whole dog month (30 days for you, humans) to send it back for a full refund. Remember, returning is on your dime, but we'll refund your total purchase once we've got it. Just don't forget to mark the returned package with your name and order number. If your order's still
chasing its tail on the way to you, you'll have to wait for its arrival before you can send it back.

I changed my mind! Can I cancel my order?

Of course, darling! As impulsive as a pup chasing a butterfly, aren't we? Cancel without penalty, but be quick—do it before your order ships. Our easy return system will guide you to a full refund if it's already en route.

Oopsie! I've entered the wrong doghouse address. What now?

Barked up the wrong tree with the address? No worries! Just reply to your order confirmation woofmail and double-check. If you spot an oopsie, email us within 24 hours to correct it. Past that window, and we can't oĊer refunds due to address mishaps.

How long till I can strut my stuff with your product?

Our shipping times vary since we ship from a few diferent doghouses worldwide. On average, expect your chic item to parade to you within 3-9 business days.

There's a question itching me, and it wasn't answered here. Can you help scratch it?

Darling! Send us an email, and we'll assist however we can. We get a flood of woofmails daily, so for a prompt response, attach your order number and be clear about your query. We're here to make your tail wag!