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What Can I Put on a Licking Mat? Creative Ideas Beyond Peanut Butter

Does your pup gobble down their dinner in seconds? Are they constantly underfoot, looking for something to keep them busy? A licking mat might be the answer! These boredom-busting mats keep your dog entertained and can even help with anxiety.

But peanut butter gets old fast. Let's get creative. We'll uncover a whole world of tasty and healthy lick mat spreads, including:

  • Sweet and fruity favorites
  • Frozen treats for hot days
  • Superfood boosts for a healthy coat

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Fruity Fun with these Lick Mat Must-Haves

Fruit-based lick mat spreads are a delicious way to give your dog a healthy treat. Just remember, moderation is key, and always check that the fruit is safe for dogs. Here are some tasty and easy combinations:

  • Banana Bonanza: Mash a ripe banana and spread it on your lick mat. Bonus: If you've got an overripe banana turning brown, pop it in the freezer for a cool treat.
  • Blueberry Blitz: These little berries pack antioxidants! Toss a handful (fresh or frozen) into the blender with a dollop of plain yogurt for a creamy, sweet-tart combo.
  • Watermelon Wonder: Seedless watermelon is a summertime staple. Cut it into chunks, freeze, and spread it across the mat for a refreshing and hydrating snack.
  • Mango Mania: Mango is another antioxidant superstar. Puree a small amount of fresh or frozen mango and spread it on the lick mat.
    • Important Note: Mango skin and pit can be a choking hazard, so be sure to remove them completely before using.
  • Pineapple Paradise: This tropical fruit adds a touch of sweetness. Just be sure to skip the canned stuff – fresh or frozen pineapple is best! Puree a small amount and spread it on the mat.
    • Safety Note: Too much pineapple can cause digestive upset in some dogs, so start with a small amount and monitor your pup.
  • Strawberry Swirl: Strawberries are another healthy and delicious option. Mash them up or blend them with a bit of plain yogurt for a pink and delightful spread.
  • Cantaloupe Cool Down: Cantaloupe is a juicy and hydrating treat, perfect for hot days. Dice or puree a small amount and spread it on the lick mat.

Important Note: Xylitol, a sweetener found in some sugar-free products, is extremely toxic to dogs. Always double-check the ingredients in yogurt, peanut butter, or any other pre-made treats you're using.

Cool Down with Frozen Delights

Frozen lick mats are a summer essential, offering delicious and long-lasting refreshments for your pup. Here are some cool and creamy ideas:

  • Yogurt Swirls: Plain, unsweetened yogurt is a great base for frozen lick mat treats. Mix in some of these yummy options:
    • Fruity Fusion: Pureed berries, mango, or applesauce for a taste of summer.
    • Nutty Nibblers: A dollop of peanut butter (xylitol-free!), chopped peanuts, or a sprinkle of peanut flour for a protein boost.
      • Remember that peanut butter can be high in fat, so use it in moderation.
    • Veggie Vibrance: Mashed sweet potato, pureed carrots, or finely chopped green beans for a healthy twist.
    • Superfood Surprise: A spoonful of spirulina or a sprinkle of chia seeds for an added nutritional punch.
      • Always introduce new foods slowly to avoid stomach upset.
    • Fruity Froyo: Freeze pureed strawberries, blueberries, or mango mixed with a bit of plain yogurt for a popsicle-like treat that's healthy and fun to lick.
    • Pumpkin Power: Canned pumpkin is super versatile. Freeze it directly on the lick mat for a simple treat, or mix it with yogurt, honey, or mashed banana for extra flavor.
    • Icy Bone Broth Blast: Freeze low-sodium bone broth or chicken broth in ice cube trays. Place a few cubes on the mat for your dog to enjoy. This is a great way to keep them hydrated and cool!

Pro Tip: To make unfreezing easier, run the back of the lick mat under warm water for a few seconds – the frozen treat will pop out neatly.

Veggie-licious Lick Mat Ideas

Sneak some extra vitamins and minerals into your pup's day with these veggie-based lick mat recipes.

  • Broccoli Blast: Steam or roast broccoli florets until tender. Mash or puree, spread on the mat, and freeze for a refreshing and healthy snack.
  • Green Bean Delight: Chop steamed green beans into small pieces, mix with a dollop of yogurt or mashed banana, and spread on the mat.
  • Cucumber Calm: Puree cucumber for a hydrating, mild-flavored treat. This one's especially good for hot weather.
  • Carrot Crunch: Puree cooked carrots or offer shredded raw carrots for pups who like a bit of texture.
  • Sweet Potato Surprise: Mash cooked sweet potato for a naturally sweet and nutritious spread. Try adding a sprinkle of cinnamon for a touch of spice.
  • Squashy Squash: Pureed zucchini or butternut squash offers a sneaky way to add veggies. Just be sure they're well cooked for easier digestion.

Pro Tip: Many veggies are best served cooked for increased digestibility. Lightly steam or roast them until soft, then mash for the perfect lick mat consistency.

Some veggies, like onions and garlic, are toxic to dogs. Always double-check that the vegetables you're using are safe for your furry friend.

Wrapping Up: Let's Get Licking!

Now that you have a whole arsenal of tasty lick mat ideas, your pup is ready for hours of boredom-busting fun. With so many options, you're sure to find the perfect combo of flavors and textures to keep them engaged and happy.

Remember these key takeaways:

  • Sweet Treats: Fruits like bananas, berries, and melons make healthy and delicious spreads.
  • Frozen Fun: Yogurt, fruit purees, and broth freeze into tasty lick mat treats.
  • Veggie Power: Don't forget the greens! Add a nutritional boost with cooked veggies.
  • Always Safe: Double-check that all ingredients are dog-friendly.

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